Basic Facts

Why Master Snooker Kingdom?

MSK is the world’s first cross-curricular junior snooker academy, providing proprietary snooker education catered towards kids aged 4 to 10.

Where is Master Snooker Kingdom located?

MSK is located at L2, Area E, D Park, 398 Castle Peak Rd, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Is the programmes that Master Snooker Kingdom offer open to boys and girls?

Yes. It is suitable for both boys and girls.


What is the right age to enrol my kid in Master Snooker Kingdom?

The programme is designed for kids aged 4 – 10.

Will the kids be divided into different age groups?

Yes. MSK will divide the kids into different age groups, e.g. 4-5, 6-8, etc., and according to their skill levels.

How do I enrol my kid?

Please click “Enrol Now!” to complete a web form.

If the session has already started, do I have to wait for commencement of the next session to enrol my child?

No worry. Please contact us and we will help you to find a suitable session.

Can I enrol for private tutoring at Master Snooker Kingdom?

Yes. Please contact us for further information.

Which skill level should my kid start?

We recommend to start from level 1 (white) to build good foundation of skills.

Can I enrol higher levels for my kid if my kid has some snooker training/experience before?

Yes. It is subject to skill assessment by our trainers to decide if higher levels are suitable for the kid.

Programme fee and schedule

What class schedule should I enrol?

We offer different class schedule from time to time. Please refer to our website for the updated class schedule. You may also contact us for more details.

Class size and the programme

What is the average class size?

We offer Private, Duo (2 students) and Small Group (3-5 students) classes, which offer an environment of good balance between learning and practicing. We understand that the learning progress of every student varies, so our coaches will record individual progress to cater for individual needs of our students.

Why learning at MSK?

MSK’s module is more than snooker training. The courses combined STEM education, etiquette training and snooker technique for whole person development. Please refer to the curriculum for details.

What is the learning model and outcomes at MSK?

Our learning model is the first of its kind and unique. It is designed by Marco Fu together with Dr Helen Lockey, (PhD in Education) to deliver top quality snooker skills combined with educational and cognitive elements. For details, please refer to our curriculum design.

Is the curriculum certified or endorsed by any authority or reputable organisation?

Yes. We are honoured that our curriculum is endorsed by the Hong Kong Billiards Sports Control Council, which is the official organisation in promoting and developing snooker in Hong Kong.

Are the trainers qualified professionals?

All our trainers completed the MSK’s training programme and are qualified professionals in delivering MSK modules.

Do parents or caretakers need to accompany their children for lessons?

No. All students will be taking the lesson by themselves.

Use of language

What medium of instruction will be used in MSK?

Our class will mainly be conducted in Cantonese, supplemented by English and Mandarin, based on the needs of our students.


Do you offer membership?

Yes. Participants will become our MSK members when signing up our skill level courses (a series of lessons). All members will enjoy special purchase discounts, free webinars, promotional offers, etc. Please contact our staff for details.

Caring & Hygiene

How do you manage hygiene, particularly during COVID-19?

We are committed to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students, visitors and staff. We have the following measures to ensure the center is well maintained in top hygiene standards:
1. All visitors, students and staff must always wear face mask in the centre.
2. All visitors, students and staff must have temperature check by our staff and sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.
3. No shoes are allowed in the classroom. Students need to put on socks when entering the classroom.
4. All learning sessions are conducted in small groups and in separate classrooms.
5. The center is equipped with HEPA grade air filtration devices to ensure good and clean air quality.
6. The entire centre, including all training tools, furniture, equipment, flooring, etc, are applied with “Germicidal Coating” by Germagic to prevent bacteria and viruses on a regular basis. Details can be found from Germagic’s website www.germagic.com.